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To Print or no to Print?

Last months a software developing company Blue Planet Apps released its new solution for Android devices roboPrint.

Constantly developing world of modern technologies always offers us something new. Creative and talented programmers do their best to make our life more comfortable. For example have you ever thought about printing your files or images directly from your cell? Or could you send and immediately print a photo of your newborn son to you dear mum to Kansas a minute after she became a grandma? Of cause it is no problem if your mum knows how to turn on PC and how to receive an email message and how to download attachment and how to unzip and print pictures. To tell the truth the only thing my mother can is to push “that big grey button” to turn on computer and to tell the truth any attempt to explain her something more is absolutely useless. Do not think that a case with my mum is untypical and rear?

There are many other situations when you may need to print documents or pictures from you mobile phone. For example a lot of people have problems with receiving documents via email. Some Microsoft Word files sent by other people contain viruses; some emails with documents are blocked by spam filter and never reached them.

Very often we have to send a copy of documents to office, bank or somewhere else. In this case we may use fax machine (certainly if we have one) or send documents by email. The last is not very good if you want to make sure that a file will be printed without any changing (no one can guarantee that). Sometimes a person may unintentionally delete a line in the document when opening it for printing.

If you want something to be done perfectly do it yourself. But how to print a copy of a contract at your office printer in Berlin while you are waiting for you plane at Heathrow? Impossible… Very easy! The only thing you need is roboPrint. Oh, sorry I forgot about internet. Naturally, you will need internet too.

If roboPrint is installed at your mobile phone and your office computer and your office printer is registered as available printer you can print documents from you cell directly on your office printer from any part of the world in no time. An office printer in Berlin makes sound and starts producing pages exactly the way they look on you phone screen in London. Then you receive a confirmation that the papers were successfully printed. Done!

Very often people do not want to send important or sensitive documents via email because of unsatisfactory reliability and security of this method. With roboPrint you will be able to print files from your Android-based devices remotely without sending them via email and avoiding risks of hacker attacks against your email server.

RoboPrint is a solution for Android cell phones and PDAs that enables multiple printing functions. For a long time computer industry forced customers to accept the idea of absolutely paperless office. But life proves that we can not do without printing. Nowadays many people have printers at home and there are lots of printers at offices. Printing is a very important function. There are people who can not read from a computer screen because of weak eyesight and there are people who prefer to read a hard copy because they find it very difficult and boring to read from a screen. When for example they browse internet sites and find something they want to read they would rather print it. And it is OK if a person is at computer connected to a printer. And what about PDA and cell phones? Modern mobile devices are so complicated that they are able to substitute many functions of PCs. Some years ago we could only dream about web browsing, reading email messages or working with documents via phone. A high speed wireless internet has much enhanced functionality of mobile devices. It seems that printing industry does not keep in pace with this development.

Unfortunately, there has been no easy way to print something from your phone to your office or home printer. Suppose you found very important and interesting information in the internet and you want to print it. You have to save this page (or its URL) at your mobile, wait till you go home, connect a phone to a printer if it is possible if it is not you have to copy a page you want to print at your computer or open it again if you saved not a page itself but its URL and only after that you will be able to print information you need (of cause in case if in the evening you are not too tired to do all of this and if you just didn’t forget about it by the end of the day).

How does roboPrint work?

roboPrint - diagramWith roboPrint everything is much easier. No matter where you are you can print documents, photos, web pages and so on directly from your Android based mobile device. The very idea of printing from phones is not unique one. There are solutions that allow printing to a Wi-Fi enabled printer and there are solutions that allow printing to a network printer. RoboPrint is the first Android application which allows you printing to any printer, anywhere, anytime.

The most important feature of roboPrint is support of multiple profiles that permit you to use many printers: your home printer, your office printer, your friend’s printer, your secretary’s printer… any printer, anywhere in the world. The only condition is that a printer is reachable via the internet.

RoboPrint provides you with a free Windows host application that you install on a computer attached to your printer (either directly or via a share) and from that host roboPrint will connect to the Android application and printing can begin. You can install the host program on as many computers as you like.

RoboPrint allows a user to print files of the most popular file formats:

  • Microsoft Word Document 2003 and higher (*doc, *docx),
  • Microsoft Excel Document 2003 and higher (*xls, *xlsx),
  • PPT, PPTX – Microsoft PowerPoint 2003 and higher (*ppt, *pptx),
  • Adobe Documents (*pdf),
  • simple text format (*txt),
  • html documents (*html, *htm),
  • mostly used graphic file types (*jpg, *bmp, *gif, *png, *tiff).

Besides roboPrint supports accounts of major email services (Gmail, AOL Mail, Yahoo Mail) allowing a user to print messages and/ or attachments. And if you are a lucky person that have Android phone and not tablet, then you will also have ability to print SMS and MMS messages.

RoboPrint consists of two parts: the client for a mobile device and the server side. The Mobile client is an application specially designed and optimized for Android based mobile devices.

How to install roboPrint?

You can download roboPrint either from Android Market or from a company website Installation of roboPrint is very easy and it does not differ much from installation of other Android applications. When you launch roboPrint for the very first time you will be asked to do an online activation. It is a simple procedure meant to prevent piracy. Activation or unlocking is retrieving a small license file (approximately 300 bytes) from application vendor. After activation you will be given a short-period trial license key that will allow you to estimate a new application before purchase for free. If you want a 15 day trial, simply press “Activate” and a server will return a trial license. Trials will be given once per device. If you have already purchased roboPrint activation will download permanent license key.

Then you must register printers you are going to use and register e-mail accounts that you want to access from the phone. In order to get access to roboPrint settings you should enter the main menu and press “Settings” button. Then you will see a section for email accounts and a section for printers. General application settings are at the same page. Press ADD button and enter email server, your user name and password. Then press SAVE button and added email accounts will appear in the list. If you will need to change an email account press account in the list to edit it. Then open the submenu Printers, press ADD button and enter your printers. Then press SAVE. When a printer is added roboPrint will automatically initiate the process of checking its availability. If a printer is not available at the moment a special indicator will appear near its icon. If you are going to use roboPrint only in Wi-Fi zone you should tick off a relative item.

The most important part of the roboPrint solution is the server side. Following the instructions you will install an application very quickly. In the process of installation you will be asked to enter your

current Windows user account. It is required for Windows service installation.

How to use roboPrint?

RoboPrint Mobile client is very easy to use. From the main window of the application you can browse you mobile phone file system and select and print files. Besides you can print SMS/MMS messages. In order to do it you should open a system folder where text or multimedia messages are stored. You can also open your mobile camera file folder and select and print photos. Pay attention that roboPrint only allows you browse files stored on SD card.

RoboPrint provides a folder/file oriented view of the e-mails. Thus you will be able to view and print bodies and/or attachments of email messages. The main menu of the application consists of four icons. If you want to view and print an Internet page you should press WEB. If you are going to print an email, SMS or MMS message you should enter MAIL/SMS submenu. If you would like to browse and print files stored on SD card of your mobile phone tap FILES and press HISTORY to see the list of accomplished tasks.

When you select a file, an email, SMS or MMS for printing the mobile client sends it to the server side over the Internet. In case with web pages (as opposed to files store in your phone) not a page itself but only its URL will be sent to the server. Certain difficulties may occur when printing Internet pages that require a password to get access. RoboPrint can not open it for printing. But in such cases you can save a copy of a web page to you phone and then send that file to the server for printing.

You should note that roboPrint can not print certain files if necessary software is not installed at a desktop computer. . Simply, like any other software, if you do not have a proper application you cannot open its files. But at the same time a list of file formats supported by roboPrint is optimal and we may say that all the necessary applications (Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Internet Explorer, Adobe Acrobat Reader) are already installed at the vast majority of computers. There is also alternative software that allows opening files supported by roboPrint, but in this case by this moment application creators do not guarantee absolutely accurate functioning of the application.

Natural support of Android environment

RoboPrint was specially designed and optimized for Android OS. The company believes that highly innovative Android OS that has outstanding potential and enormous community is the best application of the developers’ knowledge and experience. Native support of Android development environment makes roboPrint very reliable, contributes easy installation and excellent functioning.

As roboPrint was intended to be used on Android-powered handsets its developers took into consideration CPU speed and memory capacity of mobile devices. Perfectly optimized roboPrint overcomes these limitations successfully. It was tested on Android phones and showed excellent performance.

User interface is intuitively understandable and was designed specially for sensor mobile phones and PDAs. Buttons and icons are large enough so it is not a problem to tap them both with a stylus and with a finger.

RoboPrint is a perfect solution for printing from Android-based mobile devices. It uses all benefits of the innovative mobile platform to allow for printing from any location. It is very easy to use. Now no matter where you are can send files, messages and web pages for printing and the only thing you need is internet connection (Wi-Fi, 3G, 4 G or cable). Download roboPrint and enjoy mobile printing!

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