Collin Gillis and Jason Braverman are Discussing Mobile OS

Collin Gillis the director research of BGC Financial interviewed Jason Braverman, CEO of Blue Planet Apps, Inc.

Blue Planet Apps, Inc. is company that builds applications for mobile platforms. Among them there are roboPrint a printing app that allows users to print via 3G, Wi-Fi to any connected printer in any place of the world, BioLock the first true Bio-Metric security application for Android that uses three methods to lock down your data Facial recognition, PIN and the Iris Scan; dTor the most advanced torrent client available for the Android platform and so on.

This article is a short brief of the radio show that Collin Gillis and Jason Braverman have several days ago. I hope my interpretation of the radio show gives you chance to read on paper all those talks when you are in airport, home or hotel room.

As Collin Gillis said Blue Planet Apps is on the peak of the smartphone revolution. They started about three years ago working with BlackBerry platform. According to Jason Braverman it is a very good platform with strong security sector.

But soon after Android OS appeared Blue Planet Apps decided to build for this OS. Today when we see real achievements of Google platform it is rather natural. But at the beginning there was Google reputation of a very successful company that made developers to believe in their project and to invest in Android platform two years ago (though to be honest  a lot of things that Google did failed but on the whole they where success). Besides what Google presented was an open source product. As developers Google made it ridiculously easy to build an application and to distribute it to the consumers. In reality a developer can build an application in 15 minutes and sell it in 15 minutes.

The platform itself is very good for a first generation platform. But still there are some problems and one of the most important of hem is fragmentation, for it is still complicated for the developer to make applications for a wide variety of handsets being produced. There are very many devices made by different manufactures, with different screen sizes, different cameras and different formats and each manufacture has their own code that they change to make their product unique from everyone else. There are no problems of this kind in case with Blackberry or iPhone which are sole to themselves.

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Blue Planet Apps roboPrint

To Print or no to Print?

Last months a software developing company Blue Planet Apps released its new solution for Android devices roboPrint.

Constantly developing world of modern technologies always offers us something new. Creative and talented programmers do their best to make our life more comfortable. For example have you ever thought about printing your files or images directly from your cell? Or could you send and immediately print a photo of your newborn son to you dear mum to Kansas a minute after she became a grandma? Of cause it is no problem if your mum knows how to turn on PC and how to receive an email message and how to download attachment and how to unzip and print pictures. To tell the truth the only thing my mother can is to push “that big grey button” to turn on computer and to tell the truth any attempt to explain her something more is absolutely useless. Do not think that a case with my mum is untypical and rear?

There are many other situations when you may need to print documents or pictures from you mobile phone. For example a lot of people have problems with receiving documents via email. Some Microsoft Word files sent by other people contain viruses; some emails with documents are blocked by spam filter and never reached them.

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